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Inside the mind of a reluctant Indian consumer

Is the glass half empty or half full? Cliched as it is, the answers to this question hold the key to the future prospects of the Indian economy…. Read full article

Muslims are alienated from PM Modi, not the indian state

An ongoing nationwide survey during the COVID-19 pandemic by C-Voter reveals that Indian Muslims have a lot of trust in virtually all public institutions of India, except the Prime Minister and the Central government. The entire world and the global

Three reasons why WHO’s attempt at measuring Covid-19 mortality in India is sensationalist

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that 4.74 million people died in India from Covid-19. This number is more than nine times the official count of 0.52 million deaths. This anomaly between GoI and WHO figures has sparked a

2022 Election Results: To Take On Modi, Gandhis & Regional Leaders Need to Shed Their Ego

We have all read the story about that fabled old man in a village who, on his deathbed, summoned his sons engaged in a dispute. We know how the warring sons realised their folly after failing to break a bunch

Pro-incumbency gets votes in Indian democracy

The re-election of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and the “surprise” victory of the BJP in Uttarakhand, along with ruling parties doing unexpectedly well in Goa and Manipur compels us to conjure a mythical fable to

UP to Punjab — ‘experts’ have had their say on election results. Here’s why they are wrong

Now that the election results are out, we will see ‘expert’ pontifications spread like pestilence across media platforms. Fortunately for Indians, the ‘viral views’, while being highly infectious, will only damage some egos. As the world, including India, gets more

Mala fide intent? No, here is what led to Covid death under-reporting in India

If the past two years have taught us one thing about the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that it’s an uncalibrated public policy challenge. Officially, over 5.5 million people have died across the world till date. Each country is being confronted

COVID mortality in India: National survey data and health facility deaths

It is apparent that the official number of COVID-19 cases that have accumulated in India is substantially underestimated, but the question is: by how much? In an independent survey of 137,000 adults, Jha et al. recorded how many people died

As 2021 segues into 2022, a look at key numerics that defined India this year

Like all years, this year, too, had its days numbered. As it finally segues away tonight, here are some key CVoter numerics that stood out to define India 2021: In West Bengal, 54% voters wanted Mamata Banerjee to remain chief

Chandigarh Civic Poll Results: What This Means for Punjab and National Politics

Chandigarh is a curious city, an amalgam of Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. It reflects the sum of political trends in these three states. The key to unpacking Chandigarh Municipal Poll 2021 lies in integrating wider political trends across northwestern