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Over 60% accessing newspaper and TV news on mobile

Consumption of news on mobile phones is on the rise as more than 60 per cent are accessing newspapers and TV news channels on their smartphones, according to the IANS CVoter Media Tracker. As per the survey, 61.7 per cent

76% लोगों की राय-चैनलों की डिबेट में होता है गैर-जरूरी झगड़ा

देश के 76 प्रतिशत लोगों को लगता है कि समाचार चैनलों पर उचित बहस (डिबेट) न होकर अनावश्यक झगड़ा होता है. आईएएनएस सी-वोटर मीडिया कंजम्पशन ट्रैकर के हालिया निष्कर्षों में यह बात सामने आई है. सर्वे में 76 प्रतिशत उत्तरदाताओं

66.5 फीसदी लोग मानते हैं, अखबार सूचना का सबसे अहम स्रोत

भारत के दो तिहाई से अधिक (66.5 फीसदी) लोगों का मानना है कि समाचारपत्र अभी भी जानकारी का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण स्रोत है। यह जानकारी आईएएनएस सी वोटर मीडिया ट्रैकर में सामने आई है। अखिल भारतीय स्तर पर किए गए इस

60 प्रतिशत लोग मोबाइल पर देख रहे न्यूज चैनल और अखबार की खबरें

सर्वे में पता चला है कि 68.1 प्रतिशत लोग अपने मोबाइल फोन पर ही टीवी समाचार चैनल देखना पसंद कर रहे हैं। मोबाइल फोन पर खबरों की खपत बढ़ रही है, क्योंकि 60 प्रतिशत से अधिक लोग समाचार पत्र और

76% Say There Is More Quarrel Than Debate In News Channels

Amid raging debate over debates in news channels following the death of a Congress spokesperson recently, the party lodged complaints with the NBA and other bodies. Congress spokesman Rajiv Tyagi had died of a heart attack in August soon after

‘Responsible journalism should not suffer’: I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar slams TRP-driven news coverage

Union Information & Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar has slammed the TRP or Television Rating Point driven journalism on Wednesday, urging the media industry to “find a way” to restrain itself. “We believe in self-regulation and freedom of the media. But

I&B Min steps in as TV channels fight allegations of fixing TRPs

Amid the heated TV news wars after the sensational revelation where the Mumbai Police claimed to have busted a major scam of manipulation of TRP (Television Rating Point) data by at least three TV channels and nabbed two persons, the

74 pc Indians don’t bank on news channels for ‘real news’ anymore:

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the new media landscape of India. According to the recent findings of the IANS CVoter Media Tracker, 74 per cent Indians treat news channels as a source of entertainment rather than real news. It is

69.3% trust the Modi-led Central Govt

MORE than two thirds, or more accurately, 69.3 per cent respondents, trust the Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to the IANS CVoter Media Tracker. The survey covered the trustworthiness of institutions among other contemporary media consumption

66.5% say newspapers still most important source of information

More than two thirds or 66.5 per cent respondents said that the newspaper is still the most important source of information, according to the IANS C Voter Media Tracker. 29.2 per cent respondents disagreed with the construct at an all