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The big Indian Covid-19 survey

The first truly comprehensive survey looking at the pandemic, the shifting public perception about the lockdown, the govt’s handling of the crisis, and how people see the virus affecting them and their lives. click here to see the report

People more prepared, less complacent as faith in PM Modi remains steadfast

The Index of Preparedness has gone up sharply in the past one month, the Index of Complacency has gone down while the faith in the governments efforts to tackle coronavirus pandemic remains not only solid throughout but the approval ratings

Satisfaction with Modi government highest since Balakot

The satisfaction level with the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has touched its highest levels since the Balakot air strikes of February 26 this year. An IANS-CVoter Poll dated May 31 shows that 48.87 per cent of the respondents

Assembly Elections 2018: Cong’s Clear Sway in 2 Out of 5 States

Election season is upon us, and five states are going to polls. In the assembly election fray are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram. Chhattisgarh, in its first phase of assembly elections on Monday, 12 November, saw a 76.28

In Karnataka Elections, the Public Mood was Pro-Siddaramiah but Congress was Not Popular

As Karnataka slips away from the hand of Congress, quite literally, it should come as no surprise. The following survey had predicted this verdict by accurately, capturing the mood of Karnataka’s voters. It showed a clear dip in the Congress’s

Pre Budget Poll Analysis Running To Stand Still

The Cvoter Budget Tracker 2018 confirms that people of India have great expectations on Economic front from Modi Sarkar; but it also re-confirms that these expectations are not being met. Certainly not in public perception for sure. There are always

India has great expectations of govt’s economic reforms but data shows not all of them are being met

The Cvoter Budget Tracker 2018 (see results here) confirms people have great expectations from Narendra Modi government’s major reform initiatives. But, it re-confirms these expectations are not being met, certainly not in public perception. There are always two major stakeholders in Union

Elections in Southern India Are Always Different

South India has a different historical memory to the rest of the country. Neither the Mauryan Empire of ancient times, nor the Mughal Empire of medieval times ruled the south entirely. Only under the British Empire was the south knit together with

Electoral jolts in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and MP show that TINA is a comforting illusion on which BJP should not rely

The BJP went into the Assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh with a strong leadership advantage at national and state levels alike. There seemed to be a consensus within and outside the party that the There-Is-No-Alternative (TINA) factor

Sajjan Kumar’s Sentencing May Backfire on BJP Instead of Harming Congress

1984 was a year of madness. Our nation was engulfed in the fires of religious extremism and political overreach. The nation was at ‘war’ with itself, and Punjab was the focus of particularly violent events. The year ended with the