CVoter Foundation


The CVoter Foundation helps not only in the Training modules and workshops of our CSR initiative; but at the same time it also supports non-commercial Academic and Institutional research activities by subsidizing the research costs.

The projects supported by CVoter Foundation in India include:

Win-Gallup International
Peace Polls

In the past many Universities, Institutions and PhD students have benefited from this unique CSR initiative of CVoter Foundation. These include Yale University, University of California at Berkeley, Harvard University, Minnesota University, University of St. Gallen, New York University and many more.

Any academic institution can approach CVoter foundation for help in primary data generation across South Asia. All we need is a request letter for research subsidy from the University Department certifying that the Project is strictly for Academic purpose and is not going to be used for commercial activities. Proper credit and quotation for CVoter Foundation in the final report is a must.

CVoter Foundation research partial subsidies are solely at the discretion of CVoter Foundation and mere request letter or communication can’t be treated as the confirmation of the subsidy. A proper confirmation on behalf of Team CVoter will be sent to the University Department; which can be used to reduce the invoice amount.

The CVoter Foundation CSR subsidy is applicable only on projects directly associated with Team CVoter and its subsidiaries. The foundation does not undertake requests for grants or subsidy for fieldwork being undertaken by any other organization. A formal request on official letter head for the Department/University along with the filled CSR request form is a must to start the process. All communication in this regard should be forwarded to:

CVoter Foundation
Sector 63,
NCR Noida (Gautam Buddha Nagar)
Uttar Pradesh: 201301 INDIA
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