Selected list of recent assignments 2011

Analyzing the penetration of health insurance in general public
FICCI, 2011
This survey was conducted pan India amongst existing policy holders and general public. The study aimed at understanding the feelings and perceptions, fears and apprehensions regarding health insurance in India. Total sample size was 1500.

Sex Survey
TSI, 2011
This survey was conducted among 18+ respondents in Tier 1 and Tier2 cities. This survey was a big eye-opener in terms of likings, disliking, preferences of a modern day India.

Understanding the buying behavior of Youth
TSI, 2011
With this study, 1500+ young respondents, between the age of 18-25 were questioned on their buying behavior and how various attributes like culture, language and region affect it.

Analyzing the perceptions of respondents for infidelity
TSI, 2011
On Valentine’s Day, the respondents were asked about their commitment in relationships and what they felt about infidelity.

Analyzing global trends about the corporate perceptions amongst common man
Globescan, 2011
This study aimed at understanding what a common man perceives for various corporate houses and nations. This involved a 1000+ sample size.