Maharashtra: Non-Marathis treated very well by Marathis

The city of Mumbai and the state of Maharashtra have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons — scams, high-profile arrests, celebrities accused of “crimes” and more recently issues like loudspeakers at religious places and Hanuman Chalisa. However, despite decades of divisive rhetoric, political slugfests and some violence, more than 60% of ... Read More | View all Articles

Columbia, Essex, Harvard University research on green energy, between Americans and Indians, gives surprising results

A pioneering, unique survey and analysis on issues related to climate change in the US and India have shown some amusing results. One third of citizens in both countries agree with the proposition that their governments must prioritise massive investments in green and renewable energy rather than continuing to rely on traditional fossil fuels that ... Read More | View all Articles

With the BSP’s Vote Share Shrinking, Which Way Will UP’s Dalit Voters Go?

As the sun sets in the Dalit-dominated village of Hussainabad, Mohanlalganj in Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh, a few locals are engaged in a political discussion under the flickering light of a feeble bulb. Mahesh Gautam sets the tone with his remark, “Kanshiram kahte the ki vo Bahujan ko is desh ka hukmaran dekhna chahate ... Read More | View all Articles

Fewer people scared of Covid; inflation, unemploym…

Inflation and unemployment are the main concerns of Indians at the moment rather than a non-ending sequence of new variants thrown by the deadly Coronavirus. This was revealed in a comprehensive survey conducted by CVoter for IANS on the occasion of World Health Day on Thursday. The survey, conducted immediately after the reported detection of ... Read More | View all Articles

BJP, AAP supporters back meat ‘ban’, Congress vote…

Food choices and dietary habits too seem to have become a part of the polarised politics in the country. The recent decision of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to ‘ban’ the sale of non-vegetarian food during the nine days of Navratri festival has triggered a nationwide controversy over the issue. An IANS-CVoter survey reveals ... Read More | View all Articles

Majority support for hijab ban in schools and coll

A clear majority of Indians support and agree with the verdict of the Karnataka High Court that dismissed all petitions challenging the rule implemented by educational institutions that prohibits overt display of religious symbols in uniforms, as per a IANS-CVoter snap poll. The sample size of the survey was 1,508. The petitions were filed by ... Read More | View all Articles


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