September, Sardar Patel & Operation Polo: Forces Behind Hyderabad’s India Union

Imagine a scenario. It is 2023 and swathes of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh are not part of India. Without Operation Polo, that could well... Read full story

September, Google & Future of Tech Optimisation: Furthering Digital Revolution

This will perhaps be the only column in the year-long "History Matters” series where the authors have picked up an event from a place 12,341 kilometres away from Delhi. This month in 1998, two "nerds”... Read full story

Opinion: Bypoll results Do not over read score card in favour of INDIA Alliance

There are times when the temptation to jump to facile conclusions after a handful of by-election results becomes too difficult to resist. Both headline writers... Read full story

August, Andhra, Anjaiah: How Congress Got Destroyed in Its Southern Bastion

It was arguably the last authoritarian decision taken by Indira Gandhi before she fell to a volley of bullets shot at her by assassins... Read full story

August, Calcutta Killings & Partition: A Freedom Fraught With Divide & Violence

In India and Pakistan, the month of August is almost always associated with independence from the British (Pakistan on 14 August and India on 15 August) and partition. Many in India mark 14 August... Read full story

August, Science, and the Diaspora: India's 'Golden Era' of Institution Building

The year 1951 was a momentous one for the new Republic called India in which decisions taken then reverberate even now. At the moment, the Supreme Court is hearing challenges to the abrogation... Read full story

Opinion: Key Sikh numbers that Trudeau likes to ignore

The absurdity of the Khalistan fantasy becomes abundantly clear when one examines the contemporary demographic data which explains the contrast... Read full story

June, PC Mahalanobis, and the 'Sanctity of Data': National Statistics Day 2023

The greatest tribute that the government can pay to Mahalanobis is by kick-starting the 2021 Census process... Read full story