About Us

Centre for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research (CVOTER) is South Asia’s leading agency for Public Opinion Research with almost two decades of experience in Market Research, Conflict Resolution Research, Media research, Disaster Mitigation Research, Social and Political Research along with targeted consultancy services. While we started in 1993 with an initiative to act as an interface between the people and the polity, establishing ourselves as one of the leading Public Opinion Research groups of India in the process, we gradually expanded our service net to include specializations in social research and evaluation.

Over the years, our consummate quantitative and qualitative research prowess in more than 30 countries has established Team CVOTER as a leader in Evaluation and Stakeholder Research with a global footprint. CVOTER has been providing timely and accurate advice to organizations working in various parts of the world; especially to firms that are involved in the upliftment of the deprived sections of society. Fired by the ambition to create a better and more equal world, we have worked consciously towards cultivating and developing the expertise of professional communities working in the areas of humanitarian and societal assistance. We do this through our core expertise areas which include evaluation, designing, field data collection, report writing, analysis and training in planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Internal quality assurance and back-breaking support supplied by our 26-member core team of experts ensures superb quality and timely delivery of every domestic and international assignment we undertake. The company carries out almost 25 international and domestic evaluation projects every year, contracting out a part of its assignments to trusted subject expert consultants to access expertise required for individual assignments. In each case, our core team complements the expertise required for individual assignments. We are structured to support our teams in difficult and unstable environments and have full travel and war risk, kidnapping and terrorism insurance.