Selected list of recent assignments 2013

What youth wants?
India Today, 2013
A survey highlighting the important issues of youth of India.
Modi as PM

Impact of Ayodhya
Open, 2013
This survey was done to understand the impact of Ayodhya incident and to check its relevance now.

Mood of the Nation
India Today, 2013
A nationwide survey to gauge the opinion of the general public regarding a number of issues.

Governance Now, 2013
This study is based on a continuous tracking of people’s score for various institutes on their trustworthiness.

Understanding People’s perceptions about Migrations
Yale University, 2013
This study was done amongst skilled/unskilled professionals belonging to Hindu and Muslim religion to analyze their perceptions regarding the immigrants in Mumbai.

Analyzing the people’s perceptions about human Rights
University of Minnesota, 2013
This study aimed at understanding what the general public thought about Human Rights and the organizations involved with it. This study was carried out among 1600+ respondents living in Mumbai and surrounding areas.
Human Rights-Ron and Crow