Selected list of recent assignments 2008

Survey of Technical Education in TN, MP and Bihar
AICTE, 2008
We researched and evaluated career and professional perceptions and gauging various regional, social and stream emotional imbalances. In the process we created a system for feedback and monitoring of student emotional and rational perceptions to the diverse range of career choices available.

Evaluation of Media training in the Palestinian territories, 2000 – 2005
Finnish Government, 2008
We evaluated the training program, started in 2000, to strengthen the civil society and democratic processes and make PSC (Palestinian Satellite Channel) News and Actualities competitive with other satellite channels and make Palestinian news coverage equally obtainable than Israeli in news feeds. The basic problems which were to be addressed were: the news, even though at a fairly good technical level, carried still the tradition of the political programs; maintenance and defect detecting were not adequate; need for greater coverage and more diverse items; lack of access to the international news feeds plus need for stronger journalistic approach and visualization; look and presentation of the news. Training was mainly hand-on training in two weeks periods supported by workshops run by local trainers and job instructors.