Selected list of recent assignments 2016

Gallup End of Year Survey
December 2016

Politician Audit
University of California, Berkley
The collaborators conducted an evaluation of constituency service by Indian politicians via a text message/WhatsApp audit of whether politicians respond to requests for assistance with basic public services from fictitious individuals in their constituencies. The audit made use of an experimental research design that randomly assigns politicians to receive variations in the content of the incoming message.

US Presidential Elections
UPI : UPI-CVoter US elections

Survey of the Poor
The project, was done as an initial study to understand basic benchmarks, before undertaking a worldwide study on the subject. It should be noted that livelihood and food security form the very basis of the study; and natural resource utilization/management form an important part of the study. Survey of Poor

Buddhist Tourism Potential Study
Gallup Pakistan
June 2016
This survey was done to analyze the tourist potential in various countries like Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka.

Global Poll on US Elections
Gallup Pakistan
August 2016
Gallup Pakistan Commissioned surveys to CVoter in India and various ASEAN countries like; Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar
Gallup-US elections

July, 2016
CVoter conducted face to face interviews amongst nationally representative samples in India for NORC. The surveys were based on analyzing the hope/optimism amongst the respondents.

South Africa Elections- Poll Tracker
ANN7, June 2016
ANN7 tracker

Global Corruption Barometer
Transparency International, 2016
Transparency International commissioned surveys amongst the national representative population in India, Pakistan and Myanmar to check what the respondents feel about corruption in their respective countries.