Selected list of recent assignments 2009

Analyzing socio-economic impact of health problems in sex workers in Bihar
UNIFEM, 2009
As part of the broader question of socio-economic development of sex workers in Bihar, evaluated and analyzed health related problems and awareness among sex workers in Bihar (India) – as part of a larger UNIFEMinitiative. This was a household survey carried out in each and every house situated in the sex workers’ areas of the State. In a bid to hone their social understanding, our team personally trained more than 50 sex workers in the state as field researchers.

Personal Damage, Livelihood Problems & Future Risk Evaluation for Multi-Victim Women in Aceh
Channel Research, Brussels, 2005 & 2009
On the one hand, the ongoing conflict in the region, combined with the socio-economic impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami brought about a social revolution in the lives of multi-victim women (victims of both conflict and Tsunami) in Aceh. We carried out a special quantitative and qualitative survey among these women to determinate the linkages between relief and rehabilitation for multi-victims. For every third multi-victim woman personal trauma and mental health rated as a big personal damage and our report suggested special ways to deal with their rehabilitation and development challenges. Besides, we trained and engaged nearly 45 multi-victim women for our field research activities.

Post-Tsunami Relief Evaluation in Aceh, Indonesia
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), 2005 & 2009
CVoter is leading consultancy in the specific field of evaluation of health initiatives and peace-building over the period 2005-2009 for SIDA’sTsunami Evaluation Coalition for Relief Aid Impact in Aceh, Indonesia. Deploying a mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques, the main objective is to identify factors (conditions and program modalities) that facilitate or hinder the Aid facilitation in the areas of health, hygiene and recovery.

Patient Tracking and Feedback System
Rockland Hospital, 2009
CVOTER designed and implemented a pilot project for ensuring innovative methodologies for patient tracking and satisfaction with medical facilities analysis.