Selected list of recent assignments 2022

Climate Shocks Surveys in Bangladesh
Boston University, Harvard University
Dec-January 2022
A study of climate change and its impact on women in Bangladesh

Project submitted

Pre Budget-Poll
The Mint
January 2022

Mood of the Nation
India Today
January 2022

75 years of India’s Independence and Partition
CVoter with CPR
Sixteen thousand people were contacted in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and asked 75 questions to mark 75 years of partition. They were asked a variety of questions on socio economic conditions, politics, democracy and the future of the countries. The data is being released one by one and the first one to be released was for India:

Climate Change Survey in India
Yale University
Dec-Jan 2022
Published Oct 2022

Mood of the Nation
India Today
August 2022

Covid Mortality in India
Paper published in Science Journal

Confidence and nationalism in Modi’s India
Stimson Institute

Assembly Polls – Gujrat and Himachal Pradesh
ABP News

Economy Survey
The Mint
June, August 2022

Do Voters Reward Programmatic Distribution? Evidence from Survey Experiments in India
University of Pennsylvania

House Versus Cooking Gas Cylinder: Assessing the Political Impact of Two Benefits
University of Pennsylvania

Winning Support by Distributing Houses? Evidence from India
University of Pennsylvania