CVOTER has a bouquet of services to offer for our global and domestic clientele. A brief snapshot of our salient services are as follows:


We have carved a niche in the business of polls that goes deeper than seasonal or campaign specific polls. CVoter is one of the only agencies in the region to compile multi-year tracking data via its periodic Omnibus surveys. In course of our 30 year journey in the field of stakeholder research we have worked with blue chip names in the field of International and Indian print plus electronic media. Powered by a world class CATI centre and dedicated analysts, we are a force to reckon with in the field of stakeholder research.


The skills required for stakeholder research are easily transferable towards addressing client requirements such as market assessment, preparation of concept notes, demand quantification, customer feedback and brand image building. The services are not limited by geography or the industry type. Given our experience in various countries and ready access to top consultants within India and abroad we will be glad to offer you customized solutions for your market research.


From providing content outsourcing to training and set up of niche programming streams such as election programming to full fledged turn key solutions tailored for print and electronic media; CVOTER is your one stop shop for all your consultancy needs. Not only have we successfully operated in diverse media environments such as News Agency, TV Channels, Newspapers, Magazines and Internet media, we have also delivered value to our clients cutting across borders. We are adept at providing localized and customized consultancy suited to the milieu in which our clients operate.


CVOTER is proud to have partnered with academic institutions, NGOs, Independent Researchers and various Industry bodies in production of socio-economic data and research reports. Furthering the frontiers of human well being was one of the founding motives of our organization and we are proud to have done justice to the same. We encourage individuals and bodies engaged in socio-economic research to work with us.


Ever felt the need to talk to someone who understands the local polity and culture beyond what the numbers convey? Our team of highly trained analysts and consultants who have years of experience under their belt would be glad to offer you some advice. Not only do we have access to best political analysts in the business we also have a enviable network of consultants who are ready to provide niche consultancy services to our clients.


Our experience with democratic processes and formidable skill set in determining policy direction empower us to be an active partner of the host government in public-private partnership projects. Sectors such as Educations, Resource mapping, Governance Surveys, Independent Evaluation and Policy assessment are some of the streams that have witnessed active CVOTER participation or demonstrated deploy-able capability to execute the projects satisfactorily.