Selected list of recent assignments 2010

Analyzing global trends across various issues
BBC, 2010
This study is done bi-annually across 30 nations on issues and perceptions concerning the general public. The study covered 1000+ respondents across various sections of the society.

Ganga: the life line of India
World Bank, 2010
This survey involved survey of respondents across various sectors of the society along the length of Ganga from Uttarkashi to Bengal. The survey was carried out to analyze the importance of Ganga for these people, the effect of pollution in Ganga, their role in the cleaning drive of the river and the projects undertaken by the individual groups apart from governmental efforts to clean Ganga.

Analyzing, “What urban India thinks of poverty”
UNMDG, Whypoll, 2010
The study aimed at understanding what the urban people feel about poverty and their role in eradicating it from the country as part of UN’s Millennium Development Goals, which aim at eradicating certain social problems by 2015. This was an urban sample with a sample size of 5000.

Analyzing, “What Kashmiris want”
Hindustan Times, 2010
This study was conducted simultaneously in Kashmir, Leh and Laddakh and the Kashmiri refugee camps. The aim was to understand what a Kashmiri youth thinks about his/her future, state of Kashmir and what do they see as the best option for Kashmir crisis. The sample size for this study was 1000+.

Analyzing the Employability Quotient of the young graduates
FICCI, 2010
This study was aimed at understanding how employable are the fresh graduates in India. The survey was conducted amongst CEOs, HR heads of various companies across different genres.

Understanding the penetration of swine flu kits amongst doctors
UNI TV, 2010
This stakeholder research aimed at addressing the need base gap of the swine flu kits amongst the doctors who had used them in the past year.