Selected list of recent assignments 2015

Analyzing what the business community feels on performance of Modi government in past one year
Business world, May 2015
The survey was done amongst business leaders of small and large groups to compare their views.
Poll- Businessmen

Modi365: State of the Nation Poll
Times Now, May 2015

DreamTrust and study of the diabetic children in Nagpur
University of Minnesota
This project involved doing qualitative and quantitative research amongst the care givers of children with diabetes.
Dream trust survey

Survey amongst Sikh Diaspora
Gallup Pakistan/World Bank, April 2015
Data submitted, Publication awaited
The survey was done amongst Sikh diaspora living in US and Canada. The aim was to analyze their feelings and willingness to visit Sikh religious sites in Pakistan

Analyzing Corporators’ responses towards various sections of society
Yale University, April 2015
Data submitted, Publication awaited

Mumbai Migration Survey-Phase 2
Yale University, April 2015
Mumbai Migration-2

Budget Exit poll
Business world
Budget exit poll